About Us

Through our extensive network of passionate members, education initiatives, awareness campaigns, and conservation partnerships, PROJECT WILDBIRD strives to make a meaningful impact in the world of birding and wildlife preservation.



Welcome to the evolution of PROJECT WILDBIRD! This consumer-centric website is inspired by the Wild Bird Feeding Institute‘s groundbreaking research project, PROJECT WILDBIRD®, which first took flight at the 2004 WBFI Annual Meeting.

Spearheaded by the WBFI Research Foundation, the primary goal of PROJECT WILDBIRD was to equip the WBFI membership with robust scientific data, enabling them to tackle bird feeding issues with precision and insight for years to come. This project identified a thriving community of over 55 million bird enthusiasts spending billions annually on bird seed and accessories.

Yet, despite numerous studies exploring seed and feeder preferences, fundamental questions about bird feeding remained unanswered. Recognizing the need to directly engage and share these valuable insights with consumers, the WBFI decided to create PROJECTWILDBIRD.net. This consumer-facing platform serves as a bridge between the wealth of research findings and the passionate community of bird feeders, connecting them to the fascinating world of wild bird feeding.

Why Join the WBFI?


National Consumer Research 

Curious about who buys the most bird feed, which types are most popular, and whether regional and seasonal trends play a role? WBFI members enjoy exclusive access to invaluable industry insights that provide answers to these questions and more.

Industry Standards 

At WBFI, our stringent standards have become the hallmark of quality for bird feed and related products. When consumers see our Quality Standards seal, they’re assured of a superior product. By promoting these standards on a national scale, we not only benefit our members but also enhance the overall customer experience, leading to repeat business.

Exclusive Member Events

As a member of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute, you gain entry to a world of exclusive online events. Plus, this year, our annual meeting is open to non-members, giving everyone in the wild bird food industry the chance to attend this unique event that serves as a hub of knowledge and networking.

Cultivating Young Birders!

Join us in nurturing the next generation of birders! Explore our Student Learning page to discover the wonders of birding and empower the next generation of nature enthusiasts.